Half-Life Series


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Dungeon Death

Dungeon Death is a first-person action dungeon crawl set in various chambers of a castle. Explore the expansive underground labyrinth to try and escape the clutches of your captors! This is by far the biggest project I have undergone solo. I worked on this game between 2002 and 2004. Made using Valve Hammer Editor, I used pre-included art but made the levels from the ground up. Features a solid hour of gameplay and puzzles with nods to Zelda and Stonekeep.


Life's End

Life’s End is a 35-map single-player Half-Life 1 episode following the (mis)adventures of Black Mesa scientist Luther Johnson during the Black Mesa disaster. Another side-story to Half-Life 1, but Luther’s journey turns stranger than most. You’ll visit many varied areas of Black Mesa, and find yourself going far beyond…


Mod DB: moddb.com/mods/lifes-end2
Valve Dev Wiki: developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Life's_End


Console Commands

Field of View: default_fov *число* (по умолчанию 90)